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Terri is an engaging consultant who meets her clients where they are and lifts them to new levels of insight about teaching and learning. She focuses on the campus culture, how the institution’s mission shapes the learning process, and provides tools for growth. For our campus CLAQWA provided a starting point for thinking about how the New College curriculum develops writers and thinkers. As we have grown in our understanding of strong assessment, and better align our practices with the outcomes we have articulated, we understand better how to use and create rubrics and move towards a stronger shared vocabulary for discussion of general education. Terri’s guidance has been instrumental in this process as it has related to our Quality Enhancement Plan.

"The CLAQWA rubric has been an incredible tool for our high school. It has focused and united teachers from every department to improve teaching methods that increase critical thinking and quality in writing among our students. We are seeing marked improvements after two years of using the rubric throughout all subject areas. We look forward to continued progress for our students using this tool for years to come. Jon Seals, Calvary Christian High School"

Maribeth Clark, Associate Provost, New College of Florida




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